Luzzatto IP
The firms help individual inventors, start-up companies, industrial companies, and multinational corporations protect their intellectual property, enforce their rights, and plan their IP strategy.
Luzzatto Business
The Luzzatto Group’s business division combines expertise in IP, law, technology, and business to leverage intellectual assets for global growth.
in innovation
since 1869
At The Luzzatto Group, for more than 150 years, it has been our mission to ensure that innovation thrives. As one of Israel's leading intellectual property groups, we help companies protect, develop, and fulfill their ideas’ potential.
Your innovation
Successfully navigating today’s global IP landscape takes a special kind of partner—a partner like The Luzzatto Group. A resilient 150 year ‘young’ IP Group that has seen it all and can offer diligent, expert long-term guidance. From drafting the initial patent application to protecting your asset and maximizing its long-term value in a constantly changing global business environment.
Passion for
your ideas
Our raison d’etre is to ensure the continuity of innovation. We go the extra mile, giving you more than just patents. Beyond protection, we also provide an innovative environment with in-house software, technical and scientific consulting, and a range of collaborative business opportunities.
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