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The Luzzatto Group

We help clients effectively leverage intellectual assets for global growth
with our combined expertise in IP, law, and technology


A Partner In Israel's Start-Up Culture

The Luzzatto Group has strong ties to the Start-Up Nation's thriving research,
academic, and high-tech culture with three strategic locations


Tradition Meets Innovation

Since 1869 when Riccardo Luzzatto began practicing law in the uncharted field of intellectual property,
the Luzzatto name has been synonymous with cutting-edge technology


Our History

  • Today
  • The Luzzatto Group Connects To WeWork, 8200, Inno-Negev, and CyberSpark

    The Luzzatto Group continues to expand its cooperation with the high-tech eco-system in the Negev and in the country as a whole, working with tech incubators, accelators, investors, academia, and the defense industry.


  • The Fifth Generation

    Recent years have seen the fifth generation of Luzzattos start to take their place in the family business. Adv. Michal Luzzatto (left) is a managing partner at the Luzzatto Law Firm, and patent attorney, Lilach Luzzatto (right), is partner at Luzzatto & Luzzatto Patent Attorneys.


  • 1980
  • Dr. Kfir Luzzatto and Dr. Esther Luzzatto Join The Firm

    Dr. Kfir Luzzatto and Dr. Esther Luzzatto joined Edgar Luzzatto at the family firm in 1980. Together, the Luzzattos turned a small, innovative family firm into one of Israel's biggest intellectual property powerhouses.


  • The Israeli Branch Opens

    Enrico's son, Edgar, founds the Israeli branch of the firm that would eventually become The Luzzatto Group. Today, The Luzzatto Group is headquartered in Omer.


  • 1914
  • Enrico Luzzatto Joins The Firm

    Enrico, a lawyer and aircraft builder, joined the family firm in 1914 and a published a major book on the fundamentals of intellectual property which is still considered to be a guiding text of the profession.


  • Luzzatto Law Firm Opens Its Doors in Milan, Italy

    Riccardo Luzzatto was Dr. Kfir Luzzatto's great-grandfather and founder of the firm. Riccardo fought in the Italian War of Independence under Garibaldi and served as a member of the Italian Senate. When Riccardo opened The Luzzatto Law Firm, he focused on intellectual property which, at the time, was a revolutionary new field of legal practice.



Our Publications

A Leader In Israeli Intellectual Property

Innovation distinguishes between a follower and a leader. - Steve Jobs

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